Bruce Trail in Grimsby

Bruce Trail in Grimsby Bruce Trail in Grimsby Bruce Trail in Grimsby
Address: Bruce Trail, Grimsby, ON

A picturesque section of the renowned Bruce Trail winds its way through the scenic town of Grimsby, offering outdoor enthusiasts a delightful escape into nature. This popular hiking route meanders through the serene Beamer Valley, crosses the charming Forty Mile Creek, and ascends to the top of the escarpment, where hikers are rewarded with four stunning lookouts. From these vantage points, visitors can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Ontario and the picturesque town of Grimsby.

The most frequented access point to this trail segment is the Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. This area is not only a gateway to the trail but also a prime location for the annual spring hawk migration over the Niagara Peninsula. Here, visitors can find ample amenities, including picnic tables, parking, public washrooms, a dedicated hawk watch tower, and an elevated lookout platform that provides an exceptional bird-watching experience.

This beautiful trail and its amenities are diligently maintained by the Bruce Trail Conservancy, ensuring that nature lovers can continue to enjoy its splendor year-round.

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